Arts and Crafts

We hold occasional craft afternoons where we gather together in church to knit, sew, crochet, embroider and make cards.

We have some people who bring their own projects and some who join in to make a community wall hanging or blanket.

We usually break for tea and cake towards the end of the afternoon.

Prayer and quiet space are also available and there is often a visual display in our prayer area to focus your thoughts.

Please see our Facebook page or contact the Church Office for details of our next event.

We worship a Creator God – who not only brought the world into being – but goes on creating and re-creating.

As we are creative beings – who draw, paint, write, play music, knit, sew and form objects out of clay, use tiles to produce mosaics (to name but a few) – we stop to reflect on how we are in tune with our great Creator.

God is love and truth and goodness and beauty.

As we contemplate this in arts and crafts, we meet with God in a different way.

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