Mission and Outreach

St Andrew’s continues to support missionaries and people we have sent out from this church in prayer, and often financially too.



Hephzibah Ministries Outreach UK

Hephzibah Jesudas is a missionary evangelist whose UK ministry began at St Andrew’s. Based in Norfolk, she is associated with Outreach UK. Outreach UK is an organisation that supports church based mission and outreach to the local community.

Hephzibah Ministries Website



Cherish Fund

CherishFundSt Andrew’s has long supported the Cherish Fund which works with Children and Families in crisis. Th major project of the trust is the provision of school places at the Spring of Life pre-school and primary school in Bathcomp, Fog-bo, Sierra Leone. You can sponsor a child at the school via Cherish for £18 a month. We also support work with children in Malawi, and have helped in the setting up of Malawi YMCA. Cherish has strong links with the Agape Outreach Ministries school in Uganda, providing expertise and funding.  In the past their work has also included local work in St Ann’s Phase 10, as well as day trips from St Ann’s and from Mansfield.

Cherish Fund Website


Release International

Release International

ReleaseIntEmma Dipper has an extensive ministry among women, and heads Release international Women in the UK. Emma was sent out into mission work by this church. Release International serves the persecuted church around the world in five key ways:

  1. Showing God’s compassion providing for the needs of the families of martyrs and prisoners
  2. Serving God’s church enabling them to survive persecution and its effects
  3. Sharing God’s love helping the persecuted church win to Christ those who are opposed to the gospel
  4. Spreading God’s Word supplying Bibles and literature to meet the need for growth and evangelism
  5. Speaking as God’s advocates being the voice of the martyrs and the oppressed

Release International Website



SWITCH Val d’Isere

switchTanja and Andreas Perch: We sent Tanja out from this church to pioneer this ministry in 2005. Switch is a church in the alpine village of Val d’Isere, France.  Its aim is to serve and support the people and to present the Gospel in unforced, creative and culturally relevant ways. Over the years it has grown from a supportive study group into a small but established church for the eXtreme sports’ community.  Switch is closely linked with the international organisation SSFC (Snowboarders and Skiers for Christ), whose national conference is at the Xscape, Castleford.

Switch Website


Models For Christ

Models for Christ

shane christinaShane and Christina Nearman, who have both modelled successfully around the world for over 20 years, are the International Directors of Models for Christ (MFC). They have sacrificed the “American Dream” to reach out to people in the fashion and entertainment industry, while providing support to those struggling with difficult issues, such as eating disorders, suicide attempts, and addictions, as well as sharing the hope of the Gospel. Shane and Christina have modelled, ministered, and planted weekly MFC’s in many fashion cities, including a MFC mission trip to influence and spiritually impact fashion professionals in Paris. Shane and Christina came to St Andrew’s in September 2012 through a contact from Holy Trinity Brompton. Christina is completing her MA at Nottingham University.

Models for Christ Website