Vision Statement

Our Mission is “to Make and Build Disciples of Christ In a way that is Relevant to the Community.”

Church Values Statement

ENCOUNTERING GOD We seek to create the space and opportunity for each person to encounter God through His son Jesus Christ, by the power of His Holy Spirit. We seek to place equal importance on all forms of encounter and encourage our members to value them all. In doing this we value both the understanding of corporate worship and celebration as well as the significance of meeting God in personal prayer and in small groups. This is what gives our life together purpose. Everything we do as a church rests on this foundation

BECOMING DISCIPLES We want the truth God reveals through his Word to be applied in our everyday lives. Jesus calls us to be disciples; to “walk the talk”. Our faith has to make a real difference in all we do and in the community around us.

CREATING COMMUNITY We are inspired by the way Jesus formed a radical community of followers. Members of St Andrew’s build relationships of integrity, depth, mutual consideration and genuine care for each other, both within and beyond the church. We recognise that through joining such a community all will grow in faith and some will come to faith for the first time.

ALL INVOLVED We structure our life and ministry as a church on the basis that the Bible teaches that all believers in Jesus Christ are gifted by God and empowered by the Holy Spirit to play their vital role in His world with justice, mercy and compassion. Our commitment is to help all our members to find and develop their gifts to serve God and to serve others in this manner.

DOING EVANGELISM We are guided by the way that Jesus calls all His followers to share in His mission to Nottingham, and wherever He sends us in this broken and needy world. We want to help our members take practical steps to share the story of what God has done in their lives with those they encounter. We prayerfully and practically support those we send out to serve as missionaries.